Requirement Analysis

A very important step in any project is requirement analysis i.e. to understand the customer requirements and develop its detailed Software Requirement Specification document that will lay the foundation for project sign off. This involves a number of sessions with the client to briefly document all customer requirement as regards layout, screen designing, write-up and functionalities. This involves designing mockup screens to visualize the user screens.




This involves designing the user interface as per the mockup screens designed in the SRS. This allows for building of prototypes to get contextual in-line feedback




The next step is coding in any development editor.




Then comes creating on demand cloud services to power the mobile app including data services, push notifications, email services, SMS or more or alternatively connect to an existing database such as MySQL, MS – SQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL.




This step involves finding errors in the applications before its launch. This involves continually testing the application on the relevant mobile device. Various test are performed using JavaScript then executing them across multiple platforms. Testing goes a long way to make sure we test any IOS, Android, Windows 8 phone be it native or web based. Infact we go an extra mile to run all test scenarios where a native all hosts a web browser



Testing on device

Just download and use on any IOS, android, Windows Phone 8 without the need to unlock or modify phone settings.



Cross Browser Testing

This ensures 100% independence of the browsers be it Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Opera.




distribute the mobile app developed and tested to public app stores including Apple App Stores, Google play or the Windows Phone store.




Keep your application up to date through oushing updates to customer devices across any platform. The updates can be regarding addition in security feature, application enhancement, any debugging.



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