Customer Relationship Management

In this day and age where there is cut throat competition it is imperative that a suppliers maintains a large customer base and means of retaining those customers. To do so one needs a mechanism and platform which provides seamless integration of every area of business that touches customers – marketing, sales, customer service support and areas which the customer may not see i.e. finance and accounting. Such a platform is provided by a robust Customer Relation Management (CRM) Solution. It moves the company from a product centric focus to customer driven focus.

ICILtek offers CRM implementation and consulting on the following 2 platforms

SalesForce: Cloud based CRM Solution

Vtiger: Open Source CRM solution

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A efficient CRM is one that gives you valuable insights on your customer and about prospective customers. A successful CRM implementation starts with a clear vision of a company’s Customer Relation Policy. CRM looks into the following areas


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